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Idiotek's first and only compilation of smash Billboard top hits and most fan-demanded and known generational hymns of this decade.

Includes 16-track CD and 8-page booklet, all folded into a thin cardboard digipak, personally handcrafted. So every copy is different.

1 Shattered Landscape V5
2 Listen 2 This Song Right Now
3 Chronic Low Self_esteem (feat. Pieceszx)
4 Cipher
5 music is nature
6 Pinflex
7 fractalplasm (feat. Neuon)
8 Gas Station
9 Not a Choice
10 Black Cat
11 We Saw War In Warsaw
12 rare æstetik
13 Of Weapons Thomas (feat. KDMQ)
14 polith
15 stutter_tremble Data Model Intersetting
16 last leaf

Idiotek - Material Generator